Authority Form

For us to act on your behalf as Tax Agent & Accountant , please fill in below form and submit.

Our you can sign form at our office at 357 Great South Rd, Otahuhu, Auckland.

Or email and we can send pdf form to you.

Our authority is to be read and agreed to in conjunction with our terms of trade and our terms of
engagement below.  Please read and fill out authority form.

Authority to act as Tax Agent & Accountant

Terms of Trade

Terms of trade :
a) Our terms of trade are that accounts are due for payment by the 20th of following month from invoice date. If account is not paid in full or arrangement not entered into, than debt collection action will start without any further notice. Debt recovery cost at rate of 25.00% of debt amount and interest at rate of 6.85% per annum will be charged and will be due for payment together with account.
b) Business Accounts & Tax Limited has authority to instruct IRD to post refund cheques or to deposit tax refunds directly into our company trust account, and make payments for tax to IRD, ACC and any other disbursement and for all fees due for accounting and tax consulting work completed by Business Accounts & Tax Limited
c) By signing above you accept personal liability for fees charged relating to the Company, Entity, Business, and Individual, of which you are a shareholder, director or an authorized agent to engage our services on behalf of. This applies to all fees rendered by our firm for all work undertaken.

Terms of Engagement

Terms of Engagement

a) Based on the information provided to us by you, we will perform accounting and tax services under our engagement, including preparation and lodgement of income tax returns and discussions with Inland Revenue Department representatives on any matters concerning your taxes. It is understood and agreed by you that you will provide us with the accurate and complete information necessary to complete such statements and the responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the assertions in the financial statements remains with you. You accept responsibility for any
failure to supply us with all relevant records and information
b) We shall also endeavour to advise the amounts and due dates of tax instalments; however the responsibility for paying the correct tax and paying on time rests with the taxpayer and not us as agents. Any penalties arising from lateness, errors, wrong estimates or for any other reason are payable by you as the taxpayer. We shall give you every assistance in meeting your obligations but any advice on payments and/or reminder letters received from us should be reviewed by yourself to check that the payment proposed appears reasonable, and that the date of payment is correct.
You should ensure that IRD has your current postal address and also that you have activated IRD online account for all taxpayers concerned and is linked to your active and current email account.
c) When we complete your GST returns we confirm our office will be responsible for the preparation and filing of them based on information supplied to us. We will sign the GST Returns on your behalf but you are responsible for any liability and we will only prepare the return based on information provided by you. You are liable should the return be incorrect due to incomplete or inaccurate records being provided to us. You should check that
the payment or refund appears reasonable based on your understanding of transactions that have occurred during the GST period.
d) We confirm that our office will be responsible for the preparation of unaudited annual financial statements. These are to be prepared from information provided to you. It will be necessary for us to attach to all financial statements prepared by us a Disclaimer of Liability
e) It is agreed that ownership of all documents supplied by you to assist in the performance of our professional services shall remain your property. All documents produced by us in the performance of our services, such as work papers, shall remain our property. It is agreed that the above has no effect on our rights to claim a particular lien over books, records and other documents.