STEP 6 - Employer Registration

Being an Employer has a lot of responsibilities.

Basic Guideline is as follows, this is not legal advise nor an exhaustive list, but general guideline of main items to be aware of.

First step would be to register as an employer
Either online - Link
Or paper form - Link

Next an employment contract for each employee is required Link
A signed copy must be kept in file and a copy given to the employee
You can use Department of Labour template.
The above site does not prepare a job description

Your casual employee will have a different contract to your permanent employees.
Difference between causal & permanent - Link

Trail periods - "A trial period can only be used for new employees, so it can’t be used if the employee already works for the employer but wants to try a new role. In this situation a probationary period can be used." Link

When new employee starts, they fill in this form and is kept in your files Tax code declaration (IR330)
This provides the basis for tax deduction, student loan deduction etc,
A person who is going to work as a contractor and receive schedular payments will provide this form - Link
More information on paying or working as a contractor can be found here - Link

Employees who start a new job and meet the criteria for automatic enrolment must be enrolled in KiwiSaver
either the new employee provides:

G1) Kiwisaver deduction form -Link
G2) Kiwi saver opt out form - Link

Every pay day, work out net pay using calculator, pay net to employee, by cash, cheuqe, or internet transfer - Calculator

Keep proper records Link
Link for IRD supplied spread sheet Link

Casual Workers - not part time are paid 8% holiday pay - Link

An area to note is Holiday pay etc
If casual employee then the holiday pay is calculated as above (J) Link

Most difficult part of employment is when you have to let an employee go Link
Always advisable to get  legal employment advise if there are disputes

Each month before the 20th, Wage & PAYE forms and payment must be sent to IRD.
Generally there is a $250 penalty if following all three are not sent in:
1) Employer deductions IR345
2) Employer monthly schedule IR348
3) Payment for total amount of PAYE and kiwisaver withheld, paid to IRD

STEP 7 - Contactus to setup an initial meeting

If you have any questions always free to
We are happy to discuss above or anything you are not clear on so the right systems are in place.