STEP 2 - Company Formation, (otherwise continue to GST registration)

If you wish to trade under a Company, the Formation process is as follows:
The Process
  • Provide the below information
  • Register your New Company Name 
  • Register your Company 
  • All Directors and Shareholders must sign and return Consent forms
  • Company Number and Certificate and IRD and GST number are issued 
  • Complete process takes between 1 to 3 working days.

To form a new company, the following information is required:

  • Unique Company Name - and 3 alternative Company Names
  • Business Industry Description & Code (Website to search code)
  • For all Directors - Legal Name,
  • For all Directors - Residentail Address,
  • For all Directors - Date of Birth
  • For all Directors - Place of Birth.
  • For all Directors - IRD Number (IRD letter with name and number required)
  • For all Shareholders - Legal Name,
  • For all Shareholders - Residentail Address,
  • For all Shareholders - IRD Number (IRD letter with name and number required)
  • Trading Address for New Company
  • Postal Address for New Company
  • Email Address to be used for Company 
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Company Formation Information