Overdue Returns

We can complete and file with IRD all overdue GST & Income Tax 

Can deal with IRD on your behalf for any tax claims or tax arrears.

We have assisted many clients in preparing their overdue returns i.e. Income Tax, GST and PAYE returns etc.
These clients had many years of overdue returns ranging from one (1) year to seven (7) years.
Contact us to setup an initial free meeting when we will explain how we can prepare and file all overdue returns you may have.

Together we can resolve and complete all overdue return, the process is generally as follows:
  1. Contact us for initial free meeting
  2. During our meeting we attempt to understand the nature of your business, your style of operation, what sort of records are required.
  3. We contact IRD to determine all overdue returns
  4. We then provide a written firm quotation to resolve all overdue returns
  5. If required we provide flexible payment terms, and returns are completed progressively as payment is made
  6. If you wish to proceed then we will advise you what records are required 
  7. You collect and supply financial records, this may require contacting bank, lending organisation, going through your storage etc.
  8. We start works and draft returns.
  9. Returns are drafted, review is held with you, and if all ok, then sent to IRD
  10. During this process we also setup an arrangement with IRD for tax arrears payments if required
  11. Eventually all returns are completed and finalized.
  12. We continue to help you grow your business and keep in compliance with current tax returns

The following information will be helpful in our initial meeting:
  1. Any letters from IRD 
  2. Any legal notices for overdue returns
  3. Copy of any GST and Income Tax filed or prepared
  4. Copy of past Financial Statements
  5. Sales / Income and Sale Tax Invoice Book
  6. Expense and all payment records and all tax invoices.
  7. Bank Statements 
  8. Cashbooks 
  9. Worksheets or other financial records
  10. Any business legal documents